As a macro-economist and public finance expert with the European Union, Yves has intervened as a team leader in several regions, including in Eastern Europe, the Arab Maghreb, southern Africa and the Middle East, in order to initiate public finance management reforms. He is also a professor at the École de la Bourse in Paris. He holds a post-graduate diploma in economics (DESE/CNAM specializing in finance), and has worked in international finance. He is the co-author in 2013 of an essay on the financial analysis of government accounts: « Essai d’analyse financière des comptes publics » (Essay on the financial analysis of government accounts in French), Revue Banque N° 751, November 2012 and Revue de Finances. It is an advanced method that adapts financial analysis rules in the private sector to the public sector, including the financial analysis of balanced budgets (expenditures and income) in public accounts. As a writer, he is currently working on his fourth novel relating a family saga in the eventful East from the end of the 19th century to the mid-20th century.