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Rita has held various management positions in communications and consultancy within large European banks and investment funds, both in France and abroad. As such, she served as the vice-president of a large international banking group until late 2011. She lives in Paris and graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts Modernes where she specialized in 3D animation and computer graphics techniques. She is also a graduate of École Supérieure des affaires (ESA) and École Supérieure de Commerce in Paris (ESCP-EAP), as she holds respectively a masters degree in Marketing and Communication (2003) and another masters degree in Financial and Fiscal Engineering (2007). Based on her interest in geopolitical issues, she studied at the Institute for Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN), where she focused on political and economical relations between France and Gulf countries. The financial crisis and its aftermath have led her to become involved in politics in order to express her convictions and help her country. “Finance-serving economic issues”, understanding and an open mind attitude towards other cultures, respect for human differences and identities, the concepts of equality and solidarity: all these topics are appropriate approaches that can give globalization a chance.