Portfolio Category: Strategy & Communication

Strategic and crisis communication

We develop a long-term communications strategies with clear-cut objectives inline with our clients’ needs. This comprises context analysis, developing communication plans and language tools (press releases and files, set of arguments), in addition to using monitoring tools. We develop these strategies in order to anticipate a potential crises, limit their repercussions and manage the reputation and...
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Media consulting

We study the media market and our client’s competition to develop a optimal media strategy and allow ideal coverage of the desired target. We put at our clients’ disposal all media tools available (TV, radio, displays, press, digital, cinema) across France, the Middle East and Gulf countries depending on the specified targets statistics, qualitatively and...
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Press relations

We help our clients adopt a targeted approach in press relations by interacting with all types of media, printed or digital. The aim is to walk them through step by step in fostering and maintaining these relationships with their target audiences at all levels of the society, journalists, experts and bloggers.  We create our clients’ PR...
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